Opportunities for Collaboration

Architects and Designers

Earn even more by completing your projects with Indolight

Architects and designers, your creative aspirations deserve exceptional lighting solutions that will elevate your projects to new heights.

We provide a comprehensive range of services, including lighting installation design, equipment selection, and delivery of lighting solutions to your facility.

Cost-Effective Procurement

Discover value-for-money prices specifically designed for architects and designers, allowing you to infuse your projects with premium lighting solutions at a reasonable price.

Access to Exclusive Catalogs

Immerse yourself in the world of carefully selected catalogs, where each lamp tells its own special story. If your vision is not in our catalogs, just contact us, and we will offer a solution.

Resource Support

Get access to material for design and engineering. Present your ideas to customers with high quality and the most advantageous.

Consulting Support
Collaborate with our experienced specialists who understand our range and the intricacies of lighting design.

Our collaboration combines budget optimization with a diverse range of lighting options, ensuring that your commercial ventures shine in every aspect.