Сhandelier IND63KEN119-394

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Description Сhandelier IND63KEN119-394
Specifications Сhandelier IND63KEN119-394
Measurements Сhandelier IND63KEN119-394

Description Сhandelier IND63KEN119-394

If you are looking for a modern and elegant lighting solution for your inside, you might want to consider a led pendant light. The led pendant light hangs from a rope or chain, and LED strips provide bright and energy-efficient lighting. One of the most popular styles of led pendant lights is the ring pendant lamp, which consists of one or multi circular metal frame with led strips along the edge. A ring pendant lamp can create a stunning visual effect and add a touch of sophistication to any space.

Another option is the circle pendant lighting, which is similar to the ring pendant lamp but has a solid or hollow disc instead of a frame. The circle pendant lighting can create a cozy and warm atmosphere and complement any decor style.

Whether you choose a ring pendant lamp or a circle pendant lighting, you will enjoy the benefits of led technology, such as long lifespan, low maintenance, and eco-friendliness. The led pendant light especially circle pendant lighting is a great way to enhance the beauty and functionality of your home or office.

Specifications Сhandelier IND63KEN119-394

Categories: chandeliers

Location: interior lighting

Installation type: ceiling

Form: complex shape

CRI: >80

Color t⁰ (K): 3000K

Voltage, (V): 85-245V

Working Temperature, (⁰): -20-50⁰

Glow color: warm light

Power, (W): 32W

Material structure: stainless steel

Material structure: acrylic

Measurements Сhandelier IND63KEN119-394

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